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Sweet Nothings



Whether you're looking to gift a sweet nothing to your loved one, or share a pair with your bestie, the Sweet Nothings Gift Set with our Samar candle promises to be just that - a sweet expression of love. 

The Sweet Nothings gift set offers you a choice from three of our favorite designs in our monogrammed collection on premium organic cotton. It includes a set of 2 monogrammed mini cushions, and one large candle featuring our signature print which makes for a beautiful keepsake long after the candle has been used. 

 Mr & Mrs- Monogrammed mini cushions on premium organic cotton, and our floral Samar candle.    

X O - Monogrammed mini cushion on premium organic cotton paired with our floral Samar candle. 

Mini Hearts- Monogrammed mini cushions with a heart motif in ruby red and wedgewood blue with matching piping, paired with our floral Samar candle. 

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