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Monogrammed Cot Sets

Choose from a variety of styles and colours to create a customised baby cot set - whether thats a loved one’s name, a special date or your initials. Get creative, get personal with our custom monogramming service. 



Some frequently asked questions:

What is included in a cot set?

A cot set includes a fitted sheet with bourdon embroidery, two bumpers with embroidery, one cushion with monogramming and embroidery. 


What can I have monogrammed?

You can choose from a variety of 25 colours and 10 font styles to embroider your initials, a special date, names, or a phrase with our monogramming service. We encourage you to get creative!


How much does a cot set cost?

Our cot sets cost PKR 9500. You can also purchase individual items from the set if required. 


How long will it take to process your custom order?

We process monogramming orders in 7-10 working days.


Is the monogramming service available for international orders?



How can you place an order?

Please get in touch and we will guide you through the process of selecting your custom designs. 

Phone/WhatsApp: (0092) 332 8299 131


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